Larkhill Equestrian - Cross Country Course and Schooling
Calendar of Events 2018

Contact, notes, schedules etc

7th/8th April
British Eventing Affiliated ODE
See BE website for details
9th/10th April
XC Schooling

22nd April
BVRC Area 17 Festival of the Horse Challenge Qualifier

28th April
RA Hunt Relay

7th May
XC Schooling
 27th May
 BVRC Hunter Trial
 28th May
 XC Schooling
3rd June
 RAPC Hunter Trial
4th June
 XC Schooling
 10th June
 BVRC Combined Training
 30th June
 RA Show
1st July
 August Schooling... 12th/13th/20th/25th/26th
18th/19th tbc
 XC Schooling
 30th September
 Tedworth Hunter Trial
 1st October
 XC Schooling
 13th October
 14th October
 XC Schooling
 28th October
 BVRC Hunter Trials
 29th October
 XC Schooling
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