Larkhill Equestrian - Eventing and Schooling
Cross Country Schooling (for bookings call Sarah Green on 07747 058049)

Larkhill Equestrian is situated on the Salisbury Plain military training area.  Military training takes priority over all other events and equestrian activity can only take place on pre-arranged dates. Therefore set schooling dates are planned throughout the year when we have clearance to use the course.  Please note if at any point when you are on the course you are asked to leave by the course manager or a member of the military, we ask you to do so immediately for your own safety.  
Scheduled cross country schooling dates for 2019 are: 15th/28th July; 23rd September; 13th October. 
Additional schooling dates may also be available to the above dates; we will put extra dates on this page and on Facebook. All schooling must be pre-booked, please contact Sarah Green on 07747058049.

Prices remain the same as 2018 and 2017!:
£25 per horse – 1 hour
£20 per horse if more than 6 people in a block booking – again this is for an hour
£20 Members of the RASC, RA Hunt, BVRC, RA Pony Club, Tedworth Hunt – some sort of membership card/number needs to be produced at the time of booking to receive this price 
Free for serving military and £15 for military dependants – a military ID card maybe required to make this booking.
Payment by cash or cheque will be required prior to entry to the course. 

- You will be required to sign a disclaimer regarding the general dangers of riding and specifically using the cross-country course at Larkhill before you will be allowed on the course.’